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Friday, 26 February 2010

My current top 5 favourite web resources

When reviewing my blog and its purpose I realised I wasn't posting very much that you, my readers, may find helpful. I thought I'd kick off my renewed focus on my blog by listing my current top 5 favourite resources on the web:

Number 1 is: FreeDigitalPhotos.net Which is a brilliant resource for royalty free pictures to use on your blog. Just make sure you do put on the acknowledgement!

Number 2 is: Wordle.net You are probably aware of my love of the wordle if you've read this blog before!!!

Number 3 is: MailChimp a free and easy way to create and distribute fabulous email newsletters and marketing.

Number 4 is: a perennially favourite resources of the ever useful Googledocs. Just a fantastic way of working on and sharing documents with your clients whilst maintaining version control. 

An finally this time Number 5 is: 1001FreeFonts.com which is currently feeding my font habit when it comes to finding just the right font for a client.

I intend to make this a regular monthly post so I hope you find it helpful.

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