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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A tidy workspace = a tidy mind

If you follow me on Twitter (@RebekahHarriman if you don't yet) you have probably noticed that since returning from holiday I have had one of my periodic mad tidy ups. Having refreshed mind, body and soul on the beach returning home to an explosion of toys, random paper and general crap around my beloved workspace just really grated.....REALLY grated, more than normal!

And because I felt all refreshed off to Ikea I headed to buy storage solutions and a notice board. Suitably purchased and noticeboard awaiting hubby with drill to put it up I have since tackled the mess! Whilst in the midst of my tidying frenzy it got me to thinking why it is so important when you work from home to have a tidy work area/office. I think it is because having a tidy work area gives you that sense of having a professional space to do your job, it makes you feel more like you're in an office environment and therefore helps you concentrate on your work better. Plus it is really distracting (not to mention annoying) to trip over a Roary the Racing Car when you go to get a cup of tea.

A tidy work space gives you a tidy, less distracted mind thus enabling total concentration. Mess around you leads to procrastination and the constant nag to put things away and in my case, massive annoyance which seriously impedes my ability to focus and give my clients my best! It also helps delineate my working area to the other members of my family. This is MY work space don't litter it with your things. I'm sounding territorial now I know but your space needs to be respected, particularly when you work from home, it is how we earn our money after all.

In short being neat or at least putting things away after making a mess (I am a creative person after all) makes you more productive and less stressed. Both good things for our clients.

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