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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The best way to write your To Do list????

This is a topic that I approach with amazing frequency and I have come up with several different solutions but tend to use more than one most of the time. This seems to me to not be the most efficient use of my time, i.e. duplicating information, but I really can't help it!!

How you write and use your To Do list is a very personal thing. I am naturally a colour coder and love (really I do!) drawing lines through things when they are complete and doodling in the margins of note pad lists..... BUT sometimes this just doesn't cut it, particularly as a virtual worker. I need my list to be accessible from more than one platform depending on where I'm working and whether I remember to pick up my notepad as I walk out of the door! So I also have an online, synced one with my entourage but its somehow just not as satisfying. Even though I can still draw lines through things and colour code. I'm not sure why.

I guess the most important things to remember are;
  • to review your list every evening
  • to prioritise the most important tasks for your day/week to the top of the list
  • be a bit harsh with what isn't as important and can wait another day
  • don't keep putting "Do the filing" at the bottom and then never do it!!! You'll need to find something and it will still be in a pile somewhere.....

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