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Monday, 21 September 2009

Help!! Need more clients to feed my shoe habit!!!!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will already be aware of my..um...slight shoe problem. Its starting to border on an obsession! Firstly there were these


and the latest edition is these amazing creations from Irregular Choice...

Now they're not cheap and I have to pay the tax man too. Plus I have 2 children to clothe and feed so I should start reminding myself why I became a VA in the first place...and it wasn't to buy shoes!!!! (Well, not really anyway!).

I became a VA so I could work with people who are as passionate about the arts, good design and creativitiy as me. To have flexibility to work around my children and to utilise my expertise and
organisational abilities and learn new skills. To be more in control of my own destiny and earn some money whilst I'm about it all.

But the shoes are sooooo lovely!!!!!

I need more clients so I can justify more shoes! Can you recommend me to anyone, really....please??? You see I have my eye on these....

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