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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Is Second Life old hat now, or still worth exploring??

I was chatting with some fellow VAs on our skype support group the other day when the conversation turned to Second Life. One other VA and I have used it previously, I've let it slide as a 'more for recreation rather than business' kinds'; thing whereas she has taken it forward. In the end an off forum messaging conversation took place that culminated in a meeting in SL between us (well our avatars!) and it has made me re think my preconceptions.

What I consider a bit passe is being taken up by businesses and utilised as a way to have an office space in which to do business, that is not tied to a real world geographical location. People are making money in there, real money too not just Linden Dollars!

Her ideas are forming, and despite my initial reticence (and the fact I REALLY need to practise making my avatar move around some more!) I want in!

I know we are moving toward web 3.0 but don't discount 2.0 technologies just yet. Its another skill I have to offer my clients that I hadn't really thought about before and which sets me apart in my skill set.

So if you want to connect with me in Second Life, just let me know.

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