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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Leicester Creatve Business Depot Social Summer 2009

If you're in Leicester you might be interested in the following......

Social Summer 2009
Thursday 4th June 6pm onwards Leicester Creative Business Depot
Every quarter TBC offers you an eclectic two-hour mix of speakers, creative insights and mutual chin waggin with Leicester's creative industries. .oh and did we mention there's a free drink too?!
· Andy Jones will talk to you about the facilities that Phoenix Square will provide for digital media organisations in the city.
· Clare Hudson will discuss how to apply for the Creative Leicestershire bursaries for 2009.
· Sanjay Pancholi from Skills for Enterprise will explain how local businesses are supported to start up through government support.
· Dipa Patel will reveal how De Montfort University helps SMEs through a range of initiatives and programmes.

Plus eaty treats and loads of chit chat!

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Some business start up tips......

I had a very informative and interesting meeting with a Business Link advisor today and there are several things that have stood out in my mind that it seems sensible to share.

  • find out about all the free places to market your business!!! Obvious I know but a little research can cost you naff all and bring in new clients
  • listen first; promote second
  • applying for funding is hard work and sucks! (but necessary!!)
  • have a specific target market in mind but don't limit yourself to it
  • get the SEO on your website right!!!!!! People need to be able to find you!!!!
  • And finally monitor what marketing actually works and what doesn't

For those of you who have been in business a while you probably already know these things, but it wouldn't hurt to revisit, and for those who are starting up I hope it helps you on the right path!

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