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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Ever noticed that.....

....once you've taken the leap of faith into setting up your own business, that when it starts to be successful or even just interesting other people you know start talking about doing it too?

Maybe its because you've been brave enough to take that step and they were too scared to, but now that you're ok they think they might have a go! Not sure whether to be annoyed with the varying people I know who are talking about following my lead or rather chuffed!!

Maybe they'll think again when they realise just how much work is involved....

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Researching away....

I seem to be doing quite a lot of research at the moment. One lot of Market Research and another on copyright holders of texts that are to be used (hopefully, subject to obtaining permission!) in a book.

I rather enjoy searching the internet and libraries to find out things, the more unusual the more interesting in my opinion! I have previously also found copyright holders to images which I think has been my favourite so far but that's probably just my Fine Art background coming out.

Its an interesting process and never straightforward. You have to find essential information, extrapolate what you need from large amounts of...well, gumph!...and then present it to the client in an understandable format. It can be a bit disheartening when all the hours of trawling you've done condenses down to 1 side of A4 but if it contains everything needed and saves your client those hours then it's actually a great piece of work well done!!!

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The best way to write your To Do list????

This is a topic that I approach with amazing frequency and I have come up with several different solutions but tend to use more than one most of the time. This seems to me to not be the most efficient use of my time, i.e. duplicating information, but I really can't help it!!

How you write and use your To Do list is a very personal thing. I am naturally a colour coder and love (really I do!) drawing lines through things when they are complete and doodling in the margins of note pad lists..... BUT sometimes this just doesn't cut it, particularly as a virtual worker. I need my list to be accessible from more than one platform depending on where I'm working and whether I remember to pick up my notepad as I walk out of the door! So I also have an online, synced one with my entourage but its somehow just not as satisfying. Even though I can still draw lines through things and colour code. I'm not sure why.

I guess the most important things to remember are;
  • to review your list every evening
  • to prioritise the most important tasks for your day/week to the top of the list
  • be a bit harsh with what isn't as important and can wait another day
  • don't keep putting "Do the filing" at the bottom and then never do it!!! You'll need to find something and it will still be in a pile somewhere.....

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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A tidy workspace = a tidy mind

If you follow me on Twitter (@RebekahHarriman if you don't yet) you have probably noticed that since returning from holiday I have had one of my periodic mad tidy ups. Having refreshed mind, body and soul on the beach returning home to an explosion of toys, random paper and general crap around my beloved workspace just really grated.....REALLY grated, more than normal!

And because I felt all refreshed off to Ikea I headed to buy storage solutions and a notice board. Suitably purchased and noticeboard awaiting hubby with drill to put it up I have since tackled the mess! Whilst in the midst of my tidying frenzy it got me to thinking why it is so important when you work from home to have a tidy work area/office. I think it is because having a tidy work area gives you that sense of having a professional space to do your job, it makes you feel more like you're in an office environment and therefore helps you concentrate on your work better. Plus it is really distracting (not to mention annoying) to trip over a Roary the Racing Car when you go to get a cup of tea.

A tidy work space gives you a tidy, less distracted mind thus enabling total concentration. Mess around you leads to procrastination and the constant nag to put things away and in my case, massive annoyance which seriously impedes my ability to focus and give my clients my best! It also helps delineate my working area to the other members of my family. This is MY work space don't litter it with your things. I'm sounding territorial now I know but your space needs to be respected, particularly when you work from home, it is how we earn our money after all.

In short being neat or at least putting things away after making a mess (I am a creative person after all) makes you more productive and less stressed. Both good things for our clients.

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