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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

News update on RRVA

Quite a lot has happened at RRVA since my ftp issues meant I couldn't post for ages! Apart from the fact that I'm sadly proud of my inner geek for sorting the problem out myself (yay me!) I have also started to run the Leicester Hub of Creative Boom - an online magazine for creatives - that I urge you all to read regularly!! Not because I try to keep the Leicester part relevant but also because the wonderful Katy Cowan who runs the main site has it jammed packed full of interesting and useful articles that concern the creative industries!

I have attended the Cafe Creatif at the LCB Depot for the first time on Thursday 19th November and met some really interesting people. Incidentally I also was interviewed and filmed for Global Entrepreneurship Week which I hope doesn't look too embarrassing when it becomes available!!! I'll post a link when it does but please promise not to laugh. I am also now in discussion with Enterprise UK about several opportunities, as a result of this event, but that's all hush hush until something actually comes of it!

Phoenix Square, the new Digital Media Centre, in Leicester also launched on Thursday 19th November and I went to have a look around. Its a very impressive building with some very interesting and exciting exhibitions on at the moment. I will be there again tomorrow as I head to Creative Coffee Club at 10am in it's new home. So onwards and upwards here at RRVA!

Oh and MOST importantly look out for me wearing a pair of these at an event near you soon !!!!

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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Networking is fun....no really, it is!!!

I love networking. I really do. I get a buzz out of meeting new people, hopefully interesting people, and talking is what I like to do best and networking events are a ready made opportunity to just that! That's not to say that I don't get nervous when I have to stand up and do my 2 minutes about me and my business, because I do, but the more informal chat that happens before and after these events is where I thrive!

I think too many people view networking as a chore to get new clients or prospects instead of a way to just meet people in your field. If they become your client or are interested in what you offer that's just a bonus in my book. Some events can be expensive so pick ones where the people/businesses you are targeting are likely to be and go to those but remember people tend to want to have made 3 connections with you before they'll commit to do business (must look up where I remember that from!) so take the pressure of yourself. This is just one of those connections.

Also not everyone is going to want to do business with you, so go in the hope of meeting interesting people, people you can learn from, people who make you laugh, people who know the right people and enjoy yourself!! Your positive energy will attract potential clients or at least pique their interest in what you do.

Now where am I off to next?!

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