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Friday, 30 October 2009

October's Wordle for A Little Bit of R&R

Here is October's Wordle. I think it highlights what I have been talking about for the last month really well. The words that pop out at me are Think, Women, Business, Twitter and Best. To me these say that RRVA is thinking about women in business, who use twitter and are the best at what they do....or am I just talking about myself???!!! You decide!

Next month I hop that Networking shows up too as I intend to be doing more of it and talking more about it too.

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Monday, 26 October 2009

Phoenix Square visit

Today I had the privilege of having a tour of the managed workspaces at the Phoenix Square, the new digital media centre in Leicester. It really is an amazing building which is a green build (both in colour and ethos!) and is promoting the idea to work, live and have fun all in the same space. As well as the managed workspaces (which are run my the LCB Depot team) there are 2 cinema screens, a mirco cinema, an installation space called Cube, a cafe/bar and flats all in the same space. I'm bound to have forgotten something too!

I was looking for an office space for a project I work with and I think they will be very well accommodated there. I shall be making every effort to hang out there, attend networking events and meet local clients there after it opens on the 15th November.

It really is a big green building though...you can't miss it!

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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Car Vinyls for RRVA

Yep, I've decided to do it! I've stickered up my car!!!

I used to think this was annoying, driving along whilst the car in front had som
e logo or slogan and phone number emblazoned all over it. How naff I thought! But then I realised...I'd read it all hadn't I!!!!! I started to think, ooh I hope I see that window cleaners van on the way home again I need to get their number!!!
I posted mid point pictures of the process yesterday on my Facebook Fanpage, so head there if any of you are interested.

And here it is.... courtesy of Darryl at Exposed Graphics.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

LCB Depot - TBC Social 8th October

It's the next TBC Social informal networking for creative businesses at the LCB Depot on the 8th October, 18.00 to 20.00.

Book your place by emailing kate.cowan@lcbdepot.co.uk.

It's a great event where there is free information, free food, some wine and loads of great people! I'll be there so make yourself known on the night!!!

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