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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Mumpreneur Conference - 3rd October in Birmingham

Yesterday I was at the Mumpreneur Conference in Birmingham, hoping for an award for Best Start Up (which I will hopefully be in with more chance of next year!) but the best part was meeting all the other lovely business mummy entrepreneurs at all stages in their business. Lots of whom I have been tweeting with for a while! It was a very inspirational experience to have met so many other passionate, dedicated and successful women and mothers. Women driven to succeed but not at the expenses of their families.

My favourite seminars were the PR Secrets from Antonia Chitty, Linda Jones and Lesley Singleton, and The Mum-Ultrapreneur from Susan Odev. The first was very rounded, giving all sides of the press release cycle, the importance of having a thick skin, the benefits and down sides to celebrity endorsements and general good promotional advice. The second was soo enthusing and I was able to recognise myself, my struggles (with my own self belief that I can do this and with juggling everything without detriment to my family) within the women showcased in the book that it helped my resolve to succeed. I shall be getting that one when it comes out later this year! It was also fascinating to me that it is co-authored by a man, who thinks mums who set up in business are to be admired.....when we generally think its a practical solution. That alternative perspective is one I shall look forward to reading as it is always good to get other view points.

I met some amazing women, made a lot of useful contacts not just for myself but for my clients and hope to see them all again next. What was a success from my perspective was to be recognised from Twitter, asked my advice on social media uses and being asked for my card so that they could follow me on twitter as 'everyone seems to and you're fun". What a compliment.

Next year I plan to win an award, offer a seminar myself - maybe in social media
uses and tips and be a full time VA.

Plus I got to meet Nadine Hill of the Dream PA, writer of the VA handbook who I admire hugely. And my shoes were the best at the conference!

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At 4 October 2009 at 21:53 , Blogger Julian said...

"everyone seems to and you're fun" (quoted from your article). Praise indeed, of course. But, it also reminded me that social networking and business-related activities can often be fun, despite the seriousness with which many people associate these subjects.

Also, rather refreshing, in view of these troubled economic times? I also liked how you have emphasised the ongoing struggle for entrepeneurial Mums, between family commitments and their work. I look forward to reading more of your online articles, Rebekah!

At 6 October 2009 at 20:22 , Blogger Rebekah said...

I think networking should be fun, it shows you are passionate about your business but I just love meeting people. It helps me facilitate new and beneficial connections between people I meet.


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