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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Great visualisation tool

This is today's Wordle for this very blog!!!!

Wordle is a wonderful visualisation tool that I have been using for a little while. It creates beautiful word clouds from any web page or text that you want. The more prominent the word the more often it has been mentioned.

It's a great, visual way to check whether you are on topic and staying focused on what you're blogging about and I think my key words of work, business, VA and people are bang on topic....although I may have to work on not saying 'just' quite so often...and maybe shoes too. I do a wordle every month to make sure I'm just about in the right area which I will be posting on my Facebook fanpage here, if you'd like to check up in me! Please let me know if you think I ramble too much!!

Think I'll check my Twitter stream too now although I'm not entirely sure what that will throw up!!!!

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